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The Accelerate Happiness SME Course

‘Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.’ John Maxwell

Leaders of small to medium organisations face unique challenges, and we will tackle these head-on. This course is an intensive leadership journey that will hone your leadership skills and give you the skills to face any challenge in the workplace and life.  

Our Accelerate Happiness SME Course helps SME leaders integrate simple, practical, scientifically-backed exercises into work (and home) life to increase wellbeing, productivity and job satisfaction.

The Programme

  • Over 5 days
  • 2 hours a day
  • Learn alongside like-minded business leaders
  • Held regularly in cities across New Zealand

The Accelerate Happiness SME Course allows you to step back from the day-to-day pressures and focus on the underlying issues that will make both you and your business more successful.

The course is run by Amit, our experienced and committed coach, and includes a mix of core content and content tailored specifically to SMEs.

Our Team

Core content

In each course we cover:

  • Breathing techniques: Learn the powerful breathing techniques, scientifically proven to calm the mind and energises the body.
  • Metacognition: Lead from a mindful and centred place by learning the ability to observe what you are thinking, feeling, and sensing.
  • Presence: Learn to be more present and thus be able to use time at work and home more effectively.
  • State of mind: Understand the importance of state of mind and its impact on performance and relationships in the workplace.
SME content

Specifically, in relation to owning and running a SME, we will cover:

  • Self-awareness: We will explore your strengths and motivations as well as unconscious biases and mindset blocks.
  • Effective communication: We will share the secrets of how to connect with people in an SME environment using the three A’s: Attention Approval and Acceptance
  • Collaboration: Learn how to create positive partnerships.
  • Mind-friendly working structures: Understand how work structures affect performance and make necessary adjustments.

The Investment and Results

Please get in touch for course dates and a no-obligation free chat to find out how Leadology can transform the way you lead your SME.

The cost is $500 per person.

This cost includes 5 x 2-hour face to face workshops with Amit. Limited space – max 20 participants

As a result of participating in the Accelerate Happiness SME Course, you’ll increase your performance and job-satisfaction levels.

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reduce stress
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