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Mindset Coaching for Individuals

‘If you can win over your mind, you can win over the whole world.’ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Art of Living Founder

Together, we take a deep dive into yourself, and you'll emerge with expanded awareness and self-actualization as your foundation. I take you beyond the mind to a place of purpose, peak performance and happiness.

Who I work with

Are you wondering if you are the right fit for coaching? Do you connect with any of these statements?

  • I want to reach my potential
  • I know I can achieve more
  • I want to overcome the fears and beliefs that are holding me back
  • I have more potential, more to give and offer the world
  • I am ready for the next purposeful chapter in my life
  • I feel unfulfilled, stagnant and stuck

If you answered yes to any of these statements, the Leadology framework is designed for you. It involves three stages and, as your mindset coach, I will gently guide you through each stage.

Our Team

Stage 1: Self Mastery

To change our thoughts and actions, we need first to understand them. In this stage we’ll define who you are and foster your self-awareness. I guide you inwards to investigate and reflect on your personal beliefs, conscious and unconscious biases, thoughts, feelings and actions. You’ll learn about the relationship between body and mind, and the science of thought. The results after this stage:

  • Better understand and manage your emotions
  • Self-awareness: knowledge of your strengths, motivations and biases
  • Reframe your life
  • Know the major sources of disturbance and how to minimize these
  • Lead and live from a mindful and centred place
Stage 2: Social Mastery

Learn how to create valuable and enriching relationships. We will share the secrets of how to connect with people using the three A’s: Attention Approval and Acceptance. You’ll learn how to live and perform with clarity, focus, acceptance, empathy, trust, and integrity while inspiring others to do the same. The results after this stage

  • Effective communication skills
  • Share your thoughts, values and ideas in a straightforward and trustworthy way
  • Cultivate acceptance and empathy towards yourself and others
  • Handle mistakes and shortcomings with transparency
  • Act with intent, purpose and clarity

Our Team

Stage 3: Performance Mastery

This stage is about overcoming your limiting beliefs, reframing your mind, and developing new habits to reach your performance potential and achieve your personal goals. We’ll explore the psychology of influence and understand your ability to influence people and situations in a positive way. We also look at how your life, values and preferences shape the lives of those around you. The results after this stage:

  • Identify inner and outer obstacles to achieving your dreams
  • Seek out and provide help proactively
  • Understand what needs to be done to achieve a goal
  • Lead yourself and others through change and challenges 
  • Know the habits, beliefs and behaviours needed to reach your highest potential
  • You’ll be a positive influence, bringing out the best in yourself and the people around you
  • Realize your personal potential and cultivate a deep appreciate for life
  • Live with happiness at your core

The outcomes


Your full personal potential will be achieved


You will be a value-driven leader and a force for good in the world


You’ll have an inner calm, benefiting your physical and mental health


You’ll have a strong presence and connection with others


You will increase your productivity, reach peak potential and effectively achieve your goals


You’ll be a positive influence on the people around you and the world

Take the next step

Now you know the journey to self-actualization, let's get started. We begin with a free 45 minute call to clarify your goals and discuss how I can best support you.  

If you feel that my coaching style and the Leadology framework is right for you, I will tailor a programme that works for you and your schedule. I look forward to connecting.

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