Empowering leaders
to achieve self, social
& leadership mastery.

We pave the way for our people to become authentic, confident, inspiring, self-actualised leaders who connect with and put others first.

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Leadology offers leadership coaching to small businesses, business owners, team leaders and managers looking to improve their personal and leadership skills. Through free online leadership meetups, specialised workshops, and personalised leadership coaching programmes, we help leaders by giving them the ability to improve their own lives and positively affect their communities.

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At Leadology, we offer three distinct yet interconnected programmes for people wanting to learn about and improve themselves, their relationships, and their leadership skills.

Leadology provides the tools and methods to help people and businesses interested in a more complete and sincere approach to leadership training.

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Truly mastering leadership requires time, effort, and accountability. Through Leadology’s personal coaching plans, we work with our people on a 1:1 basis and help them refine their leadership, communication, and social skills at an accelerated pace through meaningful connection and understanding.

We guide and mentor our people to create lasting and transparent working relationships without the need to put up facades or feel constricted by arbitrary roles. We strive to enable leaders to stay authentic,  as they achieve business goals as a byproduct of putting people first.

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"It is great to have someone to think along with and hold you accountable. Amit is very honest in his feedback and discusses openly what it is that could be holding me back. These qualities assist me to be honest with myself and assist me to create this wonderful life."



"Amit gave me the tools to restructure my life to do what I desired, live a life more mindful of my environment, take better care of my health and improve my relationships daily. Thanks for empowering me to help change the world to be a better place."



"Gratitude form the bottom of my heart for giving me your precious time for a Skype session. My session with you was extremely informative and it helped me to sort out those areas of my life where I was stuck. You are a generous Coach, you gave me tremendous information without holding on to any. I feel more charged after the session. Thank you once again."



"Amit is incredible at understanding the situations and thought patterns!! He offers different tools and meditative practices that may help with the situations. I highly recommend Amit."


Our Thinking

Keep up to date with our latest thoughts around leadership.
Radio NZ Interview
September 20, 2020
Listen to the Radio NZ interview to learn more about Leadology founder Amit Dhull. In this interview Amit with his very close friend Sri Rajasekar talks about his passion to contribute to society through coaching and charity work.
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Leadership and life lessons with Andrew Barnes
April 5, 2020
I had the pleasure of speaking with Andrew Barnes, Founder of Perpetual Guardian. Andrew introduced the four-day work week at Perpetual Guardian, as it was the “right thing” to do. As a leader Andrew believes in listening to his instincts rather than being driven by numbers.
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Do you need a coach?
March 10, 2020
Bill Gates & Eric Schmidt explain why everybody needs a coach. Do you need a coach?
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Ready to remove the masks and live inside out?
February 8, 2020
The answers to your problems and true joy have always been within.
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Leadology offers a range of solutions from free online leadership meetups and consultations to workshops and 1:1 personal coaching. If you’re interested in finding out more about our personal and leadership practices, workshops, and clinics, we’d love to hear from you.

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