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Leadology works with business owners, team leaders, sports people, entrepreneurs and creators who want to lead, perform and live with purpose, clarity, inspiration, and happiness. If that's you, welcome. My mindset coaching tools and programmes will help you acquire the behaviours and thought patterns needed to reach your potential and live happier.

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About Leadology

I'm Amit Dhull, your certified mindset coach. Leadology is my framework for teaching people how to live and lead from the place beyond thought, resulting in elite performance, greater productivity, increased resilience, less stress, heightened creativity and lifelong inner happiness.

Your self-actualisation is my goal. And I use scientifically proven coaching and breathing techniques to help get you there.

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My Services

Mindset coaching for individuals: I work with individuals wanting to reach their highest potential. The Leadology framework gently guides those individuals through a personal and professional inner shift, taking them beyond the mind to a place of purpose, peak performance and happiness. 

Mindset coaching for organisations: My highly customised team training aims to cultivate healthy and resilient organisations where everyone can thrive. By enabling mindset to boost productivity and reduce stress, employees work happier and perform better. 

Mindset coaching for SME Leaders: In this short course, I show SME business owners and leaders how to become authentic, confident and inspired leaders.

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Business Owner

"It is great to have someone to think along with and hold you accountable. Amit is very honest in his feedback and discusses openly what it is that could be holding me back. These qualities assist me to be honest with myself and assist me to create this wonderful life."




"Amit gave me the tools to restructure my life to do what I desired, live life more mindful of my environment, take better care of my health and improve my relationships daily. Thanks for empowering me to help change the world to be a better place."



Arthritis Educator

"Thank you for the workshop you gave to Arthritis New Zealand arthritis educators. I found the session on self-care and wellness valuable and thought the script you read to us was a beautiful reflective exercise."




Business Manager

"Following on from the session presented in my workplace yesterday I have had 24 hours to reflect on the information and strategies you shared for self-care. I found the delivery of the information to be relevant and useful to me individually while being part of the group.  I enjoyed the opportunity to practice meditation in an easy and simple way as I haven’t done this in an intentional way up to now. I am keen to investigate further strategies that you share to enhance my personal development in both work and home life."

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Why Leadology

My unique framework enables freedom from the mind instead of other programmes that give you tools to manage the mind. Exceptional performance and improved quality of life are the outcomes. I have compiled a comprehensive list of scientific literature proving the effectiveness of the Leadology approach, which is rooted in scientifically-proven breathing techniques and mind-mastery.

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